Panos Kypros Chrysanthis
Professor, Department of Computer Science
Director, Advanced Data Management Technologies Laboratory
University of Pittsburgh
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Current Semester, Spring 2012:
CS1555: Database Management Systems
CS2550: Principles of Database Systems

Past Semesters - Undergraduate Courses:
CS0132: Programming in C and Guide to UNIX System
CS1555: Database Management Systems
CS1566: Introduction to Computer Graphics (Class Project Repository)

Past Semesters - Graduate Courses:
CS2550: Principles of Database Systems
CS2555: Transaction-Oriented Computing
CS3550: Advances in the Management of Data (Seminar)
CS3110: Internet Middleware (Seminar)
CS3550: Advanced Topics in Management of Data: Data Stream Management

Tutorials and Short Courses:

  • Network-Aware Wireless Sensor Data Management, 6th Int'l Conference on Mobile Data Management, 2006 (co-taught with V. I. Zadoroshny)

  • Data Engineering for Mobile and Wireless Access, 19th IEEE Conference on Data Engineering, 2003. (co-taught with V. Kumar and E. Pitoura)

  • Mobile and Wireless Database Access for Pervasive Computing, 16th IEEE Conference on Data Engineering, 2000. (co-taught with E. Pitoura)

  • Concurrency Control and Transaction Processing , (Co-Taught with K. Ramamritham), Full day tutorial, Part of the 6th International Conference on Management of Data, December 1994.

  • Object Data Management Systems, half day tutorial, University of Salerno, Italy, July 1994.

  • Extended Transaction Models, half day tutorial, University of Salerno, Italy, July 1994.

  • Object-Oriented Database Management Systems, 3 days short course, Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore, June 1994. (National Science Foundation's APEC)

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